Favorite Avocado Toast Recipe

avo-4This is nothing new, but it’s so simple and delicious that I decided it merits a post. This is on the simple side, which is what makes it great. Anyone can make this because it’s cheap and quick to make (Hellooo college students). I’ve tried several different avo toast recipes but my favorite, by-far, is one that I slightly tweaked. It includes:


-A quality artisan bread (I prefer sourdough)

-Half an avocado (Give or take)

-Crushed red pepper

-Kosher salt

-A squeeze of lime (my slight twist!)

Side Note: Ok, who knows, lime may actually be a common thing to add but never have I ever seen anyone include lime, so, to me it’s a twist

You can either smash up the avocados and mix everything together like a spread of guacamole OR you can simply layer slices of the avocado then sprinkle it with the toppings. It’s all based on preferences.

I just had this lunch as a post-workout meal with a clementine, peach and glass of water. This comes together to make an incredibly simple, healthy, and scrumptious lunch in all under 5 minutes. You loving this yet? I totally am.

Also, it’s super rainy today which gives me the perfect excuse to stay locked inside my apartment and just online shop/ read all day. Ugh, I love rainy days like no other. Maybe I should move up to the PNW. I wish.

Anyways, getting off topic. I swear my mind goes a million miles in every direction.

Look at this. Doesn’t it look incredible? Trust me, it is. Make it. Eat it. And repeat.



TBH: I put a lot more red pepper flakes than is pictured in these photos, but I’m just a crazy spice fiend. Really, my friends think I’m crazy. 

I’m considering adding a little more oomph to it to get even more nutritional content in it though. I was thinking maybe flax seeds and some cilantro? If I try it out I’ll be sure to let you know. Let me know if any of you guys have any other avo toast recipes that you love. I absolutely lurvv hearing from you guys. It makes my day!

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Later munchkins!