Summer Trench


Outfit Details: June & Hudson trench coat , Free People Top (sold out. Similar here), Free People shorts (similar here), Madewell sandals (similar here, here, here), Tory Burch purse (similar here, here), Estee Lauder lip gloss 

Helluuur! It’s Saturday, you guys I know this is the day we’ve all been waiting for this entire week. At least for me, whoops.

I remember I used to loathe the color orange for any type of clothing (so naive). When I thought orange, I thought that awfully bright neon orange that would clash with my skin tone. I’m so thankful I discovered this shade because it’s freaking chic as heck.

Since this trench coat already gave the pop of color needed in the outfit, I went neutral with everything else. This black purse is one of my favorite of Tory Burch’s purses. And, girls, it’s ON SALE and available in two other adorable colors! It really is a perfect bag because it’s small but is also big enough to carry essentials. I can fit my phone, keys, some makeup necessities and cards in it. Clutch af.

Side Note: Does anyone else love/hate summer? Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. But, sometimes I get insanely bored. Ya know? Luckily I think I’m taking a trip to Big Bend National Park sometime in June. A good ole’ dose of hiking and camping is exactly what I need right now. If anyone has any tips I’d love to hear below in the comments! 

Also, I’ve been veering towards lots of matte lipsticks but my sister recommended this Estee Lauder Sculpting gloss, and I am adoring it. (Thanks sissy!) The shade I’m wearing in the photos is ‘Eccentric Flower’. I think it’s time I get back on the gloss game because it’s so great for when the rest of your outfit stands out.

Phew, all I’m hoping to do for the rest of today is grab some sushi with the old man and get some reading in. My current read is For Whom the Bell Tolls. I’m trying this thing where I read all the great Classic Literature novels. I’ve gotta admit, sometimes it can be pretty difficult. Great Expectations anyone? That was definitely not my cup of tea. Yikes, summer readings could be so brutal.

P.S. If any of you are looking for a good book to read over summer. I highly recommend The Count of Monte Cristo. Epic, man.

Hope ya goobers have a great Saturday!




Favorite Avocado Toast Recipe

avo-4This is nothing new, but it’s so simple and delicious that I decided it merits a post. This is on the simple side, which is what makes it great. Anyone can make this because it’s cheap and quick to make (Hellooo college students). I’ve tried several different avo toast recipes but my favorite, by-far, is one that I slightly tweaked. It includes:


-A quality artisan bread (I prefer sourdough)

-Half an avocado (Give or take)

-Crushed red pepper

-Kosher salt

-A squeeze of lime (my slight twist!)

Side Note: Ok, who knows, lime may actually be a common thing to add but never have I ever seen anyone include lime, so, to me it’s a twist

You can either smash up the avocados and mix everything together like a spread of guacamole OR you can simply layer slices of the avocado then sprinkle it with the toppings. It’s all based on preferences.

I just had this lunch as a post-workout meal with a clementine, peach and glass of water. This comes together to make an incredibly simple, healthy, and scrumptious lunch in all under 5 minutes. You loving this yet? I totally am.

Also, it’s super rainy today which gives me the perfect excuse to stay locked inside my apartment and just online shop/ read all day. Ugh, I love rainy days like no other. Maybe I should move up to the PNW. I wish.

Anyways, getting off topic. I swear my mind goes a million miles in every direction.

Look at this. Doesn’t it look incredible? Trust me, it is. Make it. Eat it. And repeat.



TBH: I put a lot more red pepper flakes than is pictured in these photos, but I’m just a crazy spice fiend. Really, my friends think I’m crazy. 

I’m considering adding a little more oomph to it to get even more nutritional content in it though. I was thinking maybe flax seeds and some cilantro? If I try it out I’ll be sure to let you know. Let me know if any of you guys have any other avo toast recipes that you love. I absolutely lurvv hearing from you guys. It makes my day!

If you enjoyed the recipe or there’s something you’d particularly like to see on the blog just let me know in the comments below! If you want more updates check out my instagram, @saratmirza, or follow me on snapchat @dasmirz.

Later munchkins!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I’ve always loved the idea of Mother’s Day. Although every day we should be appreciating our mothers, sometimes we get swept up by the chaos of life so that we forget to thank our mother’s for everything that they do for us. Mother’s Day brings us out of the rush and gives us the perfect day to acknowledge our appreciation and spoil them with love all day long. My mother has always been one that doesn’t want anything too elaborate or pricey for her day of appreciation. Instead, she enjoys simple things like flowers and time with the family. I can’t wait to see her this weekend, it’s been months! She has no idea I’m coming home yet so it’ll be fun surprising her. Sooo in preparation for this Mother’s Day, I’ve been browsing everywhere for something to get my own mom. I’ve compiled a list of some of the various gifts I stumbled upon to help you guys pick out a present!

A Book: If you’ve noticed that your mother is inseparable from a good read, get her a book that fits into the genres that she tends to enjoy.

Wall Decoration: Absolutely love this one. The simplicity coupled with the bible verse is a gorgeous gift that mom will love.

A Spa Day: Treat mom to some relaxation and take her to a spa for some peaceful mother-daughter (or son!) bonding. I know I would not have any complaints about massages.

Bath Tea: Another (amazing) option to pamper mom. You’ll be the favorite child with this bath tea 😉

A Candle: Candles are a timeless gift that adds class to any room. Tickle mom’s senses with this diptyque scented candle. Another one of my favorite options is this beautiful Barr-Co. Apothecary Jar Candle available at Anthropologie. Or,really, any of their candles. Love. Them. All.

Flower: Nothing brightens up a room more than flowers do. What’s even better is you can get her a beautiful vase that she can use over and over again. Currently, I’m obsessed with this design on vases.

Personalized Wooden Kitchen Spoon: This spoon is incredibly adorable and adds personality to mom’s kitchen supplies. I’m even considering getting one myself!

A framed photo: If there’s anything a mother absolutely loves, it’s sentimental pieces that will endure over time. Pick out your cutest baby picture if you really want to get mom in the feels.

Tiff’s Treats Cookies: Splurge mom’s sweet tooth with these amazing cookies. I can vouch for them, they are good. The best part is that these can be delivered to your mom if you don’t have the luxury of bringing her home-baked goodies.

Garden Gloves: If mom loves to spend her time outside in the garden, these gloves are for her. Not only are they practical, but they’re also super cute.

A Eno Hammock: This DoubleNest Hammock is perfect for the mom who dominates hikes through the mountains and plans to tread through every forest there is. This will give her the comfort she needs when she’s out on a hiking trip.

I hope this helped you decide what you’re going to get your mom! Let me know how you decide to pamper her this weekend below in the comments,  I love hearing what you guys have to say.