Traveling has been a love of mine ever since I was a young and nature always held an allure for me unlike anything else.

I enjoy the untouched wilderness and the air that only the rugged outdoors can provide. Mountains have always been my thing, but you’ll never find me complaining about being on a beach.


On the other spectrum,

You have no idea how ironic it is that i decided to become a fashion blogger. In elementary school I wore the same shirt repeatedly for days. Not the exact same shirt, because, ew. But I had multiples of that shirt. And for some reason I decided that’s all I would wear. 

Ugh, I was the elementary school weirdo obviously. And now here I am today, obsessed with fashion and traveling. 

Anyways, I ramble too much sometimes, buut, welcome to my blog and thank you for following along on this crazy journey!


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