Traveling took a while for me to get into, surprisingly.

I was used to cramped 23 hour long rides in my dad’s 15 passenger van, with nothing but a book and the screams of my younger siblings to add some spice to the rides. It was all worth it once we made it to our home for the time-being in Colorado.

These achey road trips have become a staple of my traveling style. In fact, the longer the trip, the better, especially if it’s in a car so I can stop along the way. This is nothing glamorous. I often sleep in a sleeping bag in either my car or a rental. I clean my hair, face and teeth in any sink I can take advantage of. If I’m lucky, there’s a shower that I’m either allowed to use or I’ve snuck into. But, it’s the way I like to do it. And I still attest that there’s no better way to do it. Not tied down to any location and the groggy morning wake up directly in some little pocket of beauty is always worth it.


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