Denim Clad


Zara Denim Dress alternative color here (Similar here and here), Donald J Pliner shoes (sold out, similar here)

Hey munchkins! Sorry for the break in posting. My week has been consumed hanging out with my siblings. They can be super-demanding. AKA trips to the park everyday, especially now that they’re out for summer. I love them, but a girl needs a break every once in a while.

One of my favorite parts about summer is getting to wear dresses. They’re great because they’re feminine and always make it look like you really tried to get dressed up for the day when you know all you did was throw it on. If you can’t tell, I’m all about lazy fashion that looks put together.

I got a tad (ok, a lot) off the shoulder dress crazy these past couple of days and picked up this super cute and comfy af denim dress. I adore the wash of it. Oh, and that little detail at the bottom? Yas.

I got this in-store from Zara, actually only two days ago, but it looks like they’ve already sold out in this color online. So, here’s a lighter version from Zara here.

Side Note: One of the other off the shoulder dresses that I got is this dress from Urban Outfitters. Talk about perfect for summer. Total heart eyes. It’s still waiting to be shipped but I’ll put a post for you guys once I get it!

I wore this little denim number while walking around Rice Village in Houston. This place has some cute boutiques that I am always browsing in… while trying to stop myself from spending all my money. It’s definitely my favorite place to shop in Houston because it’s outdoors and because the former comment on all of its cutesy goodness. One of my favorite shops to peruse is Hemline. Seriously, check it out!

Side Note: If you’re ever in the Houston area and you love ice cream or cookies. Or ice cream and cookies. (Let’s be real, who doesn’t?) You need to try out Smoosh in the Rice Village. Oh, and get the Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream in the middle. So. Dang. Good. 

If any of you are into the choker trend like I am, I have a couple of useful tricks. Chokers are an accessory that you can get really creative with. I tend to cut down costs by coming up with chokers of my own. Sometimes I use headbands and tie it in the back so it’s of choker length. Trust me, it can be cuter than it would seem. Other times, I check out the ribbon section at Hobby Lobby or a bead store. Get creative with it! It’s both affordable and cute. No complaints there, right?

If you want more updates check out my instagram, @saratmirza, or follow me on snapchat @dasmirz.

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