Bandana Lovin’


Outfit Details: Urban Outfitters top (sold out, similar herehere and here), American Eagle shorts (similar here), Bandana option (hereherehere), Free People bralette , Benefit cheek/lip stain (alternative color here)

Guys, I am totally digging this bandana neck scarf trend. Throwing on this bandana has become one of my go-to lazy day accessories. It’s such a versatile piece that glams up anything and everything. I mean what other accessory can work as a scarf, bracelet and headscarf? For someone who has lots and lots of lazy days, this piece was a must.

What’s even better, yeah it gets better, is that this accessory is so freakin’ cheap. Rejoice y’all. I’m sure we can all agree that anything cheap and this cute is a godsend. Above, I linked a couple of other bandanas, but I personally got mine at Hobby Lobby for super cheap. Like, change in my pocket cheap.

P.S. For some reason, this bandana resurrects the Texan in me and just makes me want to bring out my cowboy boots and head to the Rodeo. Seriously, I was about to put on my cowboy boots with this outfit but left them at my friends place. It was going to be so western style chic.

But, yeah, if I could have only 3 accessories I could wear for the rest of my life (which would be awful), I would include this. It goes with every texture and so many silhouettes. Plus it has so many uses. I’m pretty sure I once read an article about how it’s prime survival gear… I like to camp, alright? I stumble upon weird stuff like this.

Basically, this bandana is killer. Hit up your nearest Hobby Lobby right now. I promise you will not regret it. If you do, it’ll be < 1 dollar of regret. But you won’t regret it. So, no worries.

tangs-5tangs-12tangs-13Side Note: I’m loling because as you can see in the above photo there’s a scar on my elbow. Which, is actually from a intramural soccer game. SIKE. It’s from when I was walking back from a intramural soccer game and slipped on the concrete. (thx 4 nothing cleats!!) So embarrassing.

Alsoo, these shorts are perf. Thank you to the creators of American Eagle for creating such affordable and comfy denim. If you can’t tell, affordability is a running theme in my life. These are my most worn shorts. I honestly can’t live without them. If I was forced to take one pair of shorts with me forever these are the ones I’d choose. Ok, so apparently I’m being forced to do a lot of things today. BONUS, AE is having a buy one get one 50% off sale so that’s kind of like a sign that you need these in your life.

I’m back in Houston for the summer. Yasss! To any people who have visited the Houston area or live here are there any fun things that you love to do here? Although I’ve lived here most of my life there’s so much left for me to explore in this city. I swear it’s never going to stop growing. Hey, Houston, if you could get your construction pains under control that would be great. If you’ve been here you totally feel me.

If any of you guys are fellow Houston bloggers or are photographers we should get a collaboration going! Let me know if any of you munchkins are from the Houston area. Maybe I’ll see you around!


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