Back to the 90’s

Hi guys!

Can ya’ll believe that spring break is within a couple of days? I sure can. I have been counting down the days since this month began. I am taking a trip out of the country for the first time since Norway (Eeek!) Any guesses where I’ll be going?

Hint: I’m going to need lots and lots of layers. If you haven’t noticed, I am a snow bunny at heart.

Let me know what adventures you’ll be partaking in this spring break as well! But, if you’re not going on a trip then make sure to take that time to relax and do the stuff you’ve been lacking time to do. Like reading that book or starting the plans for the business you’ve wanted to start for years. Whatever you end up doing, do so with passion.

In preparation for my trip I raided my mom’s closet in search of some coats. I ended up stumbling upon some other gorgeous finds in the process. Who knew my mom was such a little fashionista?

These grey Tommy Hilfiger jeans have been a staple of my closet ever since I pulled them out from hiding. I adore the stone-grey color that breaks out amongst the throngs of blue jeans. Despite my love for the jeans, however, these red boots somehow managed to surpass them. These red vintage boots, Tommy Hilfiger as well, have a great 90’s platform boot look to them. And not only are they super cute but they’re also insanely comfy and durable. I spent 4 hours of walking around in them and by the end I was still pain-free. I call for a style comeback asap. Please?

I will definitely be raiding my mom’s closet soon to dig out some new treasures. Moral of the story, check out your mommas closet (with her approval of course). There is bound to be tons of clothing aching to be worn and you never know what you might uncover.


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